Iddy & Oscars

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Iddy and Oscars. Be the change. So many of us want to see change in our world and So often times we hear the quote by Gandhi “be the change you wish to see in the world” but we don’t know how to begin. In my experience I have seen that it begins small and then in turn causes a ripple effect so that more are changed or affected. I plan to begin small with a little accessory and home decor store that will give back and hopefully change the lives of millions of orphans. This company was created to give back to orphans in Kenya Africa.
Iddy and Oscar are the names of two orphans that I met in my travels to Kenya that were taken in by friends Chris and Sarah Nicholson. They are one of the most beautiful examples of how you can change a life one at a time. Iddy and Oscar present themselves with the biggest smiles and such huge hearts.
I have a heart for missions and I have a heart for street orphans. My goal is to use Iddy and Oscar’s to give back to those in need. We will give at least 10% of our total sales to charitable organizations that aid in educating Kenyan orphans.
I cannot wait for you to help me be the change in the lives of these precious children.

 Contact us with questions: [email protected]

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133 Public Square
Lebanon, TN

Tuesday – Friday: 10am -6pm
Saturdat: 10am – 4pm
Closed: Monday & Sunday

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