Oyster Cay Collection

Oyster Cay Collection is one of 10 importers of antique teak furniture into the United States. Our focus has been to buy unique but functional pieces—items that can fit into any home whether the style is contemporary or traditional.We import furniture and handicrafts through the island of Bali, Indonesia but, many pieces originate from Java, Sumatra, and Lombok. The antique furniture you see in Oyster Cay Collection is primarily of the Dutch Colonial style—simple lines, hand wrought, and generally teak. Teak, which is indigenous to Indonesia, is and was the preferred building material—has very few knots, has a beautiful patina, and is easily worked. We also buy some new pieces, typically those pieces are made of exotic woods, Borneo rosewood, iron wood and nara wood to name a few.  You will also find Indonesian handicrafts— woven placemats, covered trays, beaded purses, hand carved wooden birds, mahogany wall panels, and many other home accessories. Most of our tables date to the 1930s.  The cabinets are in that same vintage, and several of our armoires from the early 20th century.  They are all original pieces, but have been rebuilt, and refinished to make them a truly exceptional addition to your home.   We have a selection of our items on this site but we can also have pieces built from reclaimed teak to suit your specifications, please email or call us with any questions about your design project.

917 Bay Street
Suite 1
Old Bay Marketplace
Beaufort, SC 29902

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